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About us

A member of the Polish House of Books, and recipient of many prestigious awards, Rosikon Press is a name that guarantees high-quality illustrated books created by people with passion. A wide base of photo-reporters and country specialists complement the work of accomplished photographer and co-creator of our publishing house, Janusz Rosikoń. Specialists in publishing illustrated books in the fields of art, history, and religion, we have been a feature of the Polish book market since 1990.
Some of our projects have been years in the making, involving extensive travel and collaboration with notable writers and photographers brought together under our imprint. We have built up an impressive archive of art and religious photographs, and our list of authors includes such notables as Norman Davies, Elżbieta Dzikowska, Grzegorz Górn, and Rev. Jan Twardowski.
We feature original work which touches on themes ranging from history, art, and religion to global and cultural issues and social phenomena. Our books speak through words and pictures. By linking rich content with high-quality photography, we ensure that our albums are valued by readers and critics alike. Exploratory by nature, we pride ourselves in the originality of our products and the unique ways in which our authors approach their subject matter. Thanks to the care given to individual publications and to the global reach of our titles, Rosikon Press is well worth reading.

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We are proud of our accomplishments

Silver Griffin 2007 – Polish Print Community, Best Illustrated book in Simple Bind.

Polish Tourist Organisation, 2007

Pea & Cabbage by Elżbieta Dzikowska


Polish Print Community, First place – Golden Griffin 2006

Masters of Polish Photography: In Conversation with Hanna Maria Giza by Hanna Maria Giza Arkad Fiedler competition, Amber Butterfly Award

Phoenix – Album and editorial category. For editorial artistry, with special mention given to the book’s prominent illustrations, 2006

Golden Chain, Poland-Europe by Norman Davies

Honourable Phoenix for 2003/2004 edition

Angels by Rev.Wiesław Al. Niewęgłowski and Janusz Rosikoń

Journalism Plebiscite for the Most Interesting Book. Polish Assosciation of Book Publishers, First place – Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2001

Poles & World Art by Elżbieta Dzikowska

Polish Assosciation of Book Publishers, Distinction – Most Beautiful Book of the Year. The RP Senate Medal for Book Authors and Exhibitions. 2000

Poles & World Art by Elżbieta Dzikowska

Phoenix, 1999

Polish Town Halls by Janusz Rosikoń

Śląsk Publishers Laurel, 1998

Polish Town Halls by Janusz Rosikoń

Polish Assosciation of Book Publishers, First place – Most Beautiful Book of the Year 1994, Poznań – Educational Books category

The Madonnas of Europe by Janusz Rosikoń

Polish Assosciation of Book Publishers – the Most Beautiful Book of the Year 1992

Polish Prestigious Papers by Leszek Kałkowski, Lesław Andrzej Paga, and Janusz Rosikoń

Shortlisted for the Most Beautiful Books of the World for the International Book Fair in Frankfurt 1991

The Madonnas of Poland by Janusz Rosikoń and Wojciech Niżyński