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Our publishing house is located on the outskirts of Warsaw, tucked away in the oasis of calm that is Kampinoski National Park. Here, our authors can relax and our graphic designers and editors can work in peace, punctuating their activities with ping-pong matches and walks in the park.

We have another office at Creative Hub Targowa, in the artistic centre of Warsaw, at 46 Targowa street, No. 5.


T+48 22 722-66-66

You’ll find our books at and in all good Polish bookstores.

Marketing department

T+48 22 722 66 67
F+48 22 722-66-67

Al. Dębów 4 05-080 Izabelin-Warsaw


T+48 22 722 66 67

Al. Dębów 4 05-080 Izabelin-Warsaw


Our authors include writers, journalists, and photographers. If you have a project that you would like to see published, please see the ‘Authors’ section.


We have been collaborating with renowned firms and institutions for more than twenty years, assisting in promoting both authors and their work //more


We put together the best team available for every project we work on and often rely on freelancers. If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV / portfolio to us at