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Trust Grzegorz Gorny Janusz Rosikon 76zł add to cart
Department: Religion

STORY OF ST. FAUSTINA—one of the greatest Christian mystics of the twentieth century—and her devotion to Divine Mercy, which has become the fastest spreading religious devotion in the world. On every page of this book are... // more

Evidence of Mystery Grzegorz Gorny Janusz Rosikon
Department: Religion

Prologue At the start of twentieth century, the German sociologist Max Weber claimed that together with an increase in knowledge and advances in technology must come an inevitable “disenchantment” with the natural world.... // more

Witnesses to Mystery Grzegorz Gorny Janusz Rosikon 79,80zł76zł add to cart
Department: Religion

In this lavishly illustrated large coffee-table volume, writer Gorny and photographer Rosikon embarked on a two year investigative journey to seek the truth behind all the relics associated with the passion of Christ. The authors... // more

The Madonnas of Europe Janusz Rosikon 110zł90zł add to cart
Department: Travel, Religion

The Madonnas of Europe presents 70 Marian shrines in 28 European countries from Portugal to the Urals. Co-authors of the text include Ernest Bryll, Norman Davies, Rev. Michal Janocha, Zygmunt Kubiak, Wojciech Niżynski, Włodzimierz... // more

Polish Town Halls Janusz Rosikon
Department: History, Art

  Town Halls are ubiquitous long-standing testimonials to the passage of time. As the central point of town’s administration, they contain vital links to the culture of a town and to its past. Polish Town Halls is a... // more