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Artists Speak - iPad

Artists Speak - iPad
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Interviews with masters of painting, graphic design and photography


Artists Speak

Discover Polish artists and their works thanks to the Artists Speak application, the first Polish illustrated book on iPad.


With this application, you can access almost 900 works of Poland's most distinguished contemporary painters, graphic designers, and photographers, whose fame has spread throughout the world.

From behind their paintings, graphics, and photographs, real flesh-and-blood people reveal themselves and their remarkable lives to us, sharing their secret techniques and a wealth of spicy anecdotes. Use this application to read personal interviews with the artists conducted by the famous traveller and art historian Elżbieta Dzikowska and by the prominent radio journalist Hanna Maria Giza.

Art becomes much more interesting when we discover the circumstances of its creation. The tone of every interview is set by the artist, revealing his or her true identity.


In moments of leisure, immerse yourself in the romantic and unhindered imagination of Poland's most distinguished artists and admire their work as exhibited in national and international art galleries.

Get a sneak preview of the forthcoming publication by downloading the application with free access to interviews with three chosen artists. You can also purchase access to all interviews – with 25 masters of painting, 25 masters of graphics and soon also with 25 masters of photography.

Hear confessions that are not heard everyday. Read discussions that are impossible to repeat. See works that have become iconic.

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