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Polish Town Halls

Polish Town Halls


Janusz Rosikon


Town Halls are ubiquitous long-standing testimonials to the passage of time. As the central point of town’s administration, they contain vital links to the culture of a town and to its past. Polish Town Halls is a collection of over three hundred photographs taken of town halls in more than eighty Polish towns. Extensive annotations detail their histories and their architecture and explore a wealth of documents and objects that inextricably link them to the past. An invaluable source of Poland’s culture at work, an exhibition of the album’s photographs has been shown in many Polish and European towns, including the RP Parliament in Warsaw, Cracow Town Hall, Arthur’s Town Hall in Torun, the Częstochowski Museum, the Poznan Caste, Wroclaw City Museum, Płock station as well as the Polish Institute in Düsseldorfie, and town halls in Copenhagen (Denmark), Bonn (Germany), and Vienna (Austria). In XXXX, photographer Janusz Rosikoń was awarded the Medal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland for both the album and its subsequent exhibitions.