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Pawel Tarasiewicz

Pawel Tarasiewicz

Born in 1982 in Warsaw. Graduated from the Rene Gościnny French High-school in Warsaw. Received a bachelor's degree with honours in the field of Photography at the Higher School of Visual Arts and New Media in Warsaw, in Zbigniew Łagocki's workshop. He then worked as a film director of documentaries, featurettes and video-clips for the French and Polish market. Paweł's films were shown on international festivals in the USA, France, Switzerland and Poland, on Plus Camerimage where his film “Pani Muchomor” received a Runner-up Pannavision award. His last two films were filmed in Australia. Co-founder of the artistic association ODNOWA, active since 2003, and co-founder of Amondo Films Foundation whose aim is to promote art film and produce documentaries and feature films. Currently is working on his graduate diploma at the cinematography department of the Polish National Film School in Łódź.

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Warsaw is an exceptional city. It is a city divided between a painful past and youthful optimism. It is a city that is as varied in its differences as it is subtle in its distinctions. It is a city about which you cannot be indifferent.... // more