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Rev. Jan Twardowski

Rev. Jan Twardowski

Was born and died in Warsaw (1915-2006). Catholic priest, honorary prelate of His Holiness, poet, representative of modern religious lyric poetry. Graduated from Tadeusz Czacki High-school in 1935. His first poems were published in a volume entitled „Powrót Andersena” in 1937. That same year, he began Polish Philology studies at the Warsaw University. He ended his studies in 1939 and defended his MA thesis in 1948. During the Second World War was a Home Army soldier and participant of the Warsaw Uprising. In 1945 joined an underground Theological Seminary in Warsaw, and in 1948 was ordained priest. After graduation, joined the parish in Żbików near Pruszków, were he was vicar and taught religion in a school for the mentally challenged.
Since 1959 up to his retirement, was provost of St. Joseph's Church of the Visitationists, where he gave sermons for children. Was a long-term lecturer and tutor of the many generations of clerics at the Higher Metropolitan Seminary of St. John the Baptist in Warsaw.