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Ryszard Kapuscinski

Ryszard Kapuscinski

Journalist, writer, photographer. Since 1962 was a PAP correspondent in Africa (for 6 years), Asia and Latin America. Awarded the title of doctor honoris causa by Universities: of Silesia, of Wrocław, of Barcelona, of Gdańsk, Jagiellonian University and Sofia University.
Author of more than 20 books and collections of essays: „Kirgiz schodzi z konia” (1968), „Chrystus z karabinem na ramieniu” (1975), „The Soccer War ” (1978), „Imperium” (1993), „The Shadow of the Sun” (1998); collection of poems „Notes” (1986) and a series of aphorisms and reflections on life „Lapidarium” (1990-2007), as well as books „The Emperor: Downfall of an Autocrat” (1978, theatre adaptation 1979)„ Shah of Shahs” (1982), „Autoportret reportera” (2003) and „Travels with Herodotus” (2004). His photographs from travels to Africa have been published in the album „Z Afryki” (2000). He died on the 23rd January 2007.

The author's book

Smiles of the World Elżbieta Dzikowska Ryszard Kapuscinski
Department: Travel

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