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Leszek Kalkowski

Leszek Kalkowski

Is an economist, Jagiellonian University and Krakow University of Economics graduate and since 1974 economics professor. Obtained his PH.D in economics. Lives in Krakow, where he directed the Housing Research Institute branch and the Chair of Economics for Real Estate and Investment Process at the Krakow University of Economics.
His interest in collecting stock was developed at home thanks to his father Tadeusz, regarded as the doyen of the Polish numismatic scene, author of the well-known book „Tysiąc lat monety polskiej”. His collection was often presented at exhibitions. He teaches the history of Stock and its function to business representatives on courses and in colleges. Member of the supervisors board of the Polish Economic Society Management Board and an expert in the Polish Numismatic Association. Co-author of the book „Polskie Papiery Wartościowe”.