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Grzegorz Gorny

Grzegorz Gorny

Reporter, essayist, publicist, film, and television producer, Grzegorz Górny
Is a journalism graduate from Warsaw University. The founder and editor-in-chief of the quarterly Fronda (between 1994 and 2005 and from 2007 onwards), from 1994 to 2001 he co-authored a television programme under the same title, aired on the Polish national television station TVP which ran for a total of 150 episodes
Grzegorz has produced various documentary television series, including Archive of the 20th century (for TV Puls), The Other Bottom of History (for TVP Historia), Savage Poland (for TVP Polonia), and 2009’s War of the Worlds (for TVP 2 and TVP 1), for which he was also screenwriter and director. Between 2005 and 2006 he was editor-in-chief of the weekly Ozon. He has authored publications, including 1991’s collection of essays entitled Culprits with Witold Paski and Wojciech Tochman; The Lexicon of literary Noble Prize winners (1993); a collection of essays entitled The Demon of the Afternoon; the album Faith:. Following the Footsteps of Sister Fasustyna (2010; with Janusz Rosikon), a book of journalistic writing entitled Battle for Madrid (2010; with Tomasz Terlikowski). He conducted a series of interviews with Rev. Waldemar Chrostowski, PHD (along with Rafał Tichy) entitled Bóg, Biblia, Mesjasz (God, the Bible, the Messiah) and Kościół, Żydzi, Polska (The Church, Jews, Poles). He's had many articles published in newspapers such as Rzeczpospolita, Życiu Warszawy ( he was their in-house correspondent in the Ukraine 1992/1993), Wprost, Nowym Państwie, Znaku, Christianitas, Teologii Politycznej, the Austrian Der Standard, the Hungarian Heti Valasz, the Ukrainian Post Postup and many more.

The author's book

Evidence of Mystery Grzegorz Gorny Janusz Rosikon
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Prologue At the start of twentieth century, the German sociologist Max Weber claimed that together with an increase in knowledge and advances in technology must come an inevitable “disenchantment” with the natural world.... // more

The Righteous! Grzegorz Gorny 49,90zł add to cart
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The book "Righteous" tells the story of Poles rescuing Jews during the Nazi occupation of Poland, many of whom paid the highest price for their actions (like the families of the Ulms, Kowalskis and Barankowie, for example). At... // more

Trust Grzegorz Gorny Janusz Rosikon 79zł79,80zł add to cart
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STORY OF ST. FAUSTINA—one of the greatest Christian mystics of the twentieth century—and her devotion to Divine Mercy, which has become the fastest spreading religious devotion in the world. On every page of this book are... // more

Witnesses to Mystery Grzegorz Gorny Janusz Rosikon 79,80zł76zł add to cart
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In this lavishly illustrated large coffee-table volume, writer Gorny and photographer Rosikon embarked on a two year investigative journey to seek the truth behind all the relics associated with the passion of Christ. The authors... // more