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W-WA Urszula Bieniecka Stanisław Heba Pawel Tarasiewicz 94,50zł add to cart
Department: Travel

Warsaw is an exceptional city. It is a city divided between a painful past and youthful optimism. It is a city that is as varied in its differences as it is subtle in its distinctions. It is a city about which you cannot be indifferent.... // more

Pea & Cabbage Elżbieta Dzikowska
Department: Travel

  This four-volume collection is the author’s subjective guidebook to Poland, an ideal present for anyone with the slightest interest in the country, even those who live in Poland! We have so much to gain from sharing the... // more

The Madonnas of Europe Janusz Rosikon 110zł90zł add to cart
Department: Travel, Religion

The Madonnas of Europe presents 70 Marian shrines in 28 European countries from Portugal to the Urals. Co-authors of the text include Ernest Bryll, Norman Davies, Rev. Michal Janocha, Zygmunt Kubiak, Wojciech Niżynski, Włodzimierz... // more

Smiles of the World Elżbieta Dzikowska Ryszard Kapuscinski
Department: Travel

  According to the Chinese proverb, if you do not know what to give as a gift, you should give a smile. In the introduction to the album Smiles of the World, Ryszard Kapuściński writes: ‘One of the characteristics that... // more

Smiles of the World Elżbieta Dzikowska
Department: Travel

Acclaimed celebrity-traveller, writer, and journalist, Elżbieta Dzikowska, takes us on whirlwind tour of the world, its peoples, and their smiles. When viewed against a backdrop of the global financial crises and climate change... // more