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Norman Davies: Trail of hope

Professor Norman Davies prepares a new book dedicated to the phenomenon which was Anders' Army - "Trail of Hope". MillionYou, along with the professor invites you to take part in a crowdsourcing project aimed on collecting memoirs of that exceptional military formation and it's fate! Collected materials will serve as sources in the book. Save the Anders' Army from being forgotten! All of your memoirs, photos, texts and stories will become a part of a unique interactive archive of Anders' Army. Share your story!For


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Trail of Hope Norman Davies 125zł99,90zł add to cart
Department: History

Following the conquest of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939, hundreds of thousands of Polish families were torn from their homes and sent eastwards to the arctic wastes of Siberia. Prisoners of war, refugees, those... // more

The Righteous! Grzegorz Gorny 49,90zł add to cart
Department: History

The book "Righteous" tells the story of Poles rescuing Jews during the Nazi occupation of Poland, many of whom paid the highest price for their actions (like the families of the Ulms, Kowalskis and Barankowie, for example). At... // more

TO and FROM Norman Davies
Department: History

Angielska wersja albumu OD i DO Norman Davies zaskakuje po raz kolejny, tym razem w bardzo niezwykły sposób. W OD i DO wykazuje instynkt detektywa historii. Opisując najnowsze dzieje Polski, korzysta z historycznych... // more

Polish Town Halls Janusz Rosikon
Department: History, Art

  Town Halls are ubiquitous long-standing testimonials to the passage of time. As the central point of town’s administration, they contain vital links to the culture of a town and to its past. Polish Town Halls is a... // more