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Artists Speak Hanna Maria Giza 55zł50zł add to cart
Department: Art

What do photographers talk about? They talk about their innermost secrets and their contact with the outside world through the uncanny medium that is photography.   The world as seen by people is three-dimensional.... // more

Artists Speak Elżbieta Dzikowska
Department: Art

Do painters talk? At first they’re silent. It’s not easy convincing them to share their stories. Dzikowska wanted them to talk about themselves – about their paintings, their obsessions, and their successes... // more

Artists Speak Elżbieta Dzikowska 55zł49zł add to cart
Department: Art

The world of straight graphic forms is much more varied than we think. Graphic art is not just about classic designs found in museums and galleries. Neither is it simply a question of complicated techniques such as engraving, block... // more

Artists Speak - iPad Elżbieta Dzikowska Hanna Maria Giza
Department: Art

Discover Polish artists and their works thanks to the Artists Speak application, the first Polish illustrated book on iPad.   With this application, you can access almost 900 works of Poland's most distinguished contemporary... // more

Poles & World Art Elżbieta Dzikowska
Department: Art

Poles & World Art showcases interviews with fifty accomplished artists working in Poland and abroad. It features over two hundred illustrations of high-quality reproductions of selected works by Polish artists alongside their... // more

Polish Town Halls Janusz Rosikon
Department: History, Art

  Town Halls are ubiquitous long-standing testimonials to the passage of time. As the central point of town’s administration, they contain vital links to the culture of a town and to its past. Polish Town Halls is a... // more